Built for Speed

A mobile racing game for Android & iOS devices by Meizi Games

Built for Speed is a colorful classic top-down racing game with a modern multiplayer twist. Featuring all player-made levels and an extensive easy to use track editor. Built for Speed is all about that great racing feel older games with precise controls and intense action. The pedal is always on the metal and it's up to you to take care of the steering. Race against the best players around the globe whenever and wherever you want.

“With some colorful pixel art graphics, asynchronous online multiplayer, and even a really intuitive track creator, Built for Speed could be an essential racer on the App Store” - Toucharcade.com

This game was also featured in App Store by Apple.

I was a prototyping artist and technical artist on this project. A lead artist was Iñigo "Larsondo" Mirantes.

iOS & Android
Unity, Photoshop, MonoDevelop, Blender
Meizi Games


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